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It was a few years ago that I discovered Luminous Orange while browsing . Their 1997 album Waiting For The Summer was for sale and had some previews available. The first song I previewed was Garden of Stones and ever since then i have been a dedicated fan. Luminous Orange‘s style of music has had a few genre labels attached to it. Of these labels the most common are Shoegaze , dreampop/rock , and Alternative rock. So far Luminous Orange has released seven full length albums and three EPs since their 1996 debut album Vivid Short Trip.

Despite the group name , Luminous Orange is a solo project headed by composer , singer, and guitarist Rei Takeuchi with the help from many reliable musicians. The group has had a few performances outside of their native country of Japan including Paris and America’s own SXSW 2006 & 2007.

Personal Thoughts:
One thing Luminous Orange will leave you with after listening to their music is longing for summer. Maybe that is where the title “Waiting for the Summer” came from. Listening to songs like “Every single child” , “Walkblind” , “give a hint” , and “chapter 22” will invoke images of clear blue skies , sunny days , coastlines , or sunsets on the beach. Other songs like “Starred Leaf” , “The White Moon” , and “Garden of Stones” which are deserving of the dreampop/rock label may make you remember some interesting dreams you had or cruising around on warm summer nights. Each album also has a very good pace to it. Every song flows effortlessly into the next never breaking the rhythm of the album. I highly recommend giving Luminous Orange a listen. You will not be disappointed.

Favorite Songs ( in no particular order):
I saw no more
key for spring
drop your vivid colors
how high
garden of stones
chapter 22
walkblind ( original and 2009 version)
every single child
silver kiss
dump the wings
starred leaf
sea of lights
song of experience
give a hint
rusty wheel

Favorite Albums/ EPs:
Songs of Innocence
Drop your vivid colors
Luminous orange super plastic
vivid short trip (7 stops farther) 2007 re-issue of their first album.