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In the long history of Video games, Many anti-heroes have appeared. Especially In this generation of gaming where anti-heroes are as popular as ever. Travis Touchdown however is by far the most interesting of them all. Travis is the protaginist of the NO MORE HEROES Video game series created by Goichi Suda and Grasshopper Manufacture (Killer7 , Shadows of the damned). NO MORE HEROES is one of the few violent and mature rated games for the WII system. The game features much of the same wacky humor and Over the top style that Killer7 did. Travis’story is far from complex or thought provoking which makes him instantly likeable. Travis is a hardcore otaku. The motel room that he lives in is covered from wall-to-wall with anime,video game, and pro wrestling stuff. After realizing he is completely broke, Travis takes on a job given to him by Sylvia Christel. The job was supposed to be a simple assasination. However, after the job is done Sylvia gives him the 11th rank in the UNITED ASSASSINS ASSOCIATION. After coming to the conclusion that he has unknowningly made himself a target for other asssasins , as well as the hope of having sex with Sylvia, Travis decides to climb the ranks of the UAA to become the number one assassin. Travis ‘ main mode of combat is a custom fighting style incorperating self taught sword fighting techniques learn from watching videos and pro wrestling throws. His main weapon of choice is his trademark beam katana that he won in an online auction.Personality wise Travis acts much like any other anti-hero. Brash,arrogant, hot tempered,blood thirsty and merciless to almost eveyone he fights, it is very rare that he spares anyone during battle. given his otaku nature, these character traits give travis a entertaining quality. I would definitely say Travis is by far the most badass otaku character in video game history. Hopefully the video game world has not seen the last of him .