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every console has a few games that define it. Sega’s dreamcast had many of theses titles and if you asked any dreamcast owner what was this systems defining games i guarantee Jet set radio will be on that list somewhere. Jet set radio stormed its way onto consoles in June 2000 in japan and November 2000 in the U.S. The game was universally well received by the public and was often praised for its unique design. JSR was the game that brought cel-shaded graphics to the forefront of the gaming world. Another thing that JSR is known for is its upbeat soundtrack. The soundtrack was composed of a bizarre array of musical styles including Hip Hop, J-pop, rock, electronic dance, rock,trip hop , and some original tunes as well.

The Story of Jet Set Radio centers around groups of roller gangs that are referred to as “rudies”. These gangs skate around and spray paint the city as a means of expression and to compete with one another. players take control of a new up and coming gang called the “GGs”. The GGs must contend with 3 other gangs and obviously the police as the spread the teams logos all over the fictional city of Tokyo-To.

Jet Set Radio would definitely be in my top 10 favorite games of all time. i can clearly remember the many days i spent skating around in the game listening to “bout the city” and “mischievous boy” . future graffiti inspired games like “mark echo’s gettin up” could have taken a page from this game and tried to be a little original. then again america seems to have a huge problem with that in the past few years. Level progression in this game never felt like a chore. Having fun was definitely priority one. Spraying graffiti was not difficult at all. a few twist and turns of the analog stick and you were finished. this task was made even simpler in the sequel/remake Jet set radio future which i had mixed feeling about. the soundtrack was definitely a lot of fun to listen to and i am glad Sega did not do anything dumb like replace the soundtrack with a bunch of american bands that might have killed the atmosphere of the game.

Future prospects:
Good thing i wrote this when i did. Sega plans to release a HD version of the game on September 18 (PSN) and September 19 (Xbox, steam). I am really excited about being able to play this game again. the dreamcast is part of my gaming legacy so any chance i get to play a dreamcast re-release is okay with me. who knows maybe if this sells well enough Sega might actually get around to making a sequel. its been awhile since Sega fans got a new dreamcast re-release. this was definitely a good choice to follow-up the release of crazy taxi and outrun. now all we need is sega to release a HD version of Shenmue 1 & 2.