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MvC3 is only a little over a week away And the entire fighting game comminity is gearing up for it. since my last update on the roster the remaining combatants have been revealed so lets take a look at them.

Finally Mike Haggar makes his long awaited fighting game debut. Now if only we could get poison into a fighter. I definitely plan on using haggar every once in awhile. so far from his gameplay vids his playstyle seems to be your standard grappling character. Next we have Crimson Viper from SFIV. two words capcom “Too soon” , I actually like crimson viper and think she is one of the better characters introduced in SFIV. I just don’t think she belongs in MvC3. Then we have Akuma. I very much dislike the fact that he is in this game. we have Ryu. that should be enough for the Shoto/ansatsuken fighters.if you were going to add another street fighter character i would have went with Rose. finally rounding out the capcom cast is Hsien-ko/lei-lei from darkstalkers. definitely a surprise but a very lackluster final character to reveal. i never got to use her when i played darkstalkers but i will definitely attempt to use her.


Storm was definitely one of the characters i was expecting to return. her fighting tactics in MvC2 have been well documented and she appears to play exactly the same way in MvC3. Phoenix was probably the biggest shocker on the Marvel side. I see her becoming popular primarily because of her dark phoenix transformation when her health gets depleted (must have five super bars). you pretty much are getting a extremely powerful 4th member by picking phoenix. I will admit i had no idea who Taskmaster was when he was revealed. after some research into the character and watching gameplay vids. I am definitely going to be using him. He appears to be a good mid to close range fighter. and Finally sentinel, huge ( no pun intended) waste of a character slot. If they wanted a huge character i say put Blackheart or Mephisto. once again, very upset that there is no Punisher. when will frank castle get his time to shine?


Okay i have been a fan of street fighter for as long as i have been playing video games. Street fighter has one of the most amazing rosters of fighters ever. So why is it that capcom is wasting valuable character space on lame joke characters? I don’t mind the occasional joke character. Dan is a classic creation. But then they went ahead and gave us 2 more joke characters in street fighter 4 (rufus and el fuerte) . Now we have this debacle of a character

I introduce you to Hakan the turkish oil wrestler, the latest new additon to the Street fighter roster. Lame design all around. i did not think capcom could come up with anything worst than rufus. Needless to say they proved me wrong. I viewed videos of Hakan’s arsenal of moves. After several views i came to the conclusion that not only is Hakan one of the worst characters in Sf history, but one of the worst designs ever in fighting game history. why waste space on lame joke/gag fighters when you have a vast library of awesome fighters at your disposal. So i came up with a list of characters that are way more deserving of Street fighter 4 glory than the lame trio (fuerte, rufus,Hakan) that capcom has givin us.

1. Mike Haggar (Final fight, saturday night slam masters)

Almost everytime i see a character request thread on a message board the name Mike Haggar pops up. Seriously he is the only character that was in all 3 final fight games. Guy and cody have already made the leap to the SF universe. I am pretty sure capcom could make up a plausible reason for Haggar to have appeared in SF 4.Reunite the original final fight trio!

2. Shoma Sawamura (rival schools)

Out of the entire rival schools cast Shoma seems to be the crowd favorite. His baseball inspired arsenal would definitely hold its own against the veterans of SF. Plus his hot blooded personality would provide various reasons why he would enter the world warrior tournament. Sakura made a appearrance in rival schools so why can’t Rival schools fighters appear in SF?

3. Kurow kirishima (Rival schools)

Kurow was another awesome character from the rival schools games. One look and you could tell this guy was going to be evil. Kurow was part of a group that was brainwashing students, sounds like something S.I.N would do . easy fit.

4.Rolento (final fight, Street fighter alpha 2)

why Rolento is not present in SF 4 is pure insanity.He definitely brings a unique play style to the Sf universe. much like Kurow, Rolento could easily have been a new recruit for S.I.N. Rolento’s super where he hangs his opponent would make a great ultra move.

5. Zaki (Rival schools)

Definitely one of the best designs Capcom has ever made. Zaki’s outfit is pretty original and uncommon amongst Female fighters in fighting games. Zaki ‘s fighting style and highly aggresive attitude brought something different to the table. its a shame she was overlooked by alot of players.

6. Doctrine dark (street fighter ex)

Street fighter could use another psychopath. D.Dark gets points for using unorthodox methods such as using trip wires and bombs during battles. D.Dark also has the advantage of being creepy looking. i believe he had some vendetta against guile. I think he would make a decent wild card throughout the Sf 4 story.

7.Kyousuke kagami (rival schools)

Kyousuke was another popular character to use in Rival schools. His appearance in capcom vs. SNK 2 was very welcome by the fans. Kyousuke’s ending in the last Rival schools game left alot of players questioning his whereabouts. in his ending he was forced to kill his brother who was possesed by the demonic spirit of their father, afterwards Kyousuke vanished. maybe SF 4 could bring him back into the spotlight and aid him in dealing with his brother’s death?

8. Karin Kanzaki (street fighter alpha 3)

Karin was Sakura’s rival in the Sakura Ganbaru comics. later she was brought in as a actual character in Street fighter alpha 3. Karin’s counter attacks were something unseen in street fighter games and kept players on the defensive. I think she would have made the transition to SF 4 very easily. Sakura needs her rival. after all, Rivals always bring out the best in each other.

9. poison (final fight)

Poison is definitely one of the most famous NPCs( non-playable characters) ever. long story short, Poison is a transsexual. something the videogame world has not really explored. this fact led to her removal from the home versions of final fight. poison appears alongside Hugo in the Street fighter 3 games . poison was also set to appear in the ill-fated capcom all-stars game. Since then some fans have asked for Poison’s inclusion in SF 4. The issue was actually addressed by the producer of SF 4 stating that poison’s region specific gender( U.S: post-op, Japan :pre-op) would cause too much confusion.

10. Edge (rival schools)

I have a soft spot for knife wielding characters. Edge’s wild streak and knife skills could give any fighter a difficult fight.
Edge is a brawler and would need very little reason to fight making him easy to come up with a story for his entrance into the world warrior tournament.

and finally

11. Skullomania (street fighter ex)

If capcom so badly wanted to include a wacky character in the SF 4 line-up then Skullomania was perfect. A hero for justice, Skullo’s inclusion definitely would have been to destroy S.I.N. while not my favorite of the EX cast, Skullomania was a interesting design appearance and fighting style wise.

















Shingo Yabuki is a Lovable goofball fighter from “The King of Fighters” games.  Shingo made his first appearance in KOF 97 as a single Entry. Design purely as a Comedic Character Shingo’s entry went relatively unnoticed when KOf 97 first  hit arcades. This apparently was the intention of the design team.As time went on. Shingo started to standout among the KOF cast. 

Character History: Shingo Yabuki  is the number 1 fan of  KOF series icon Kyo Kusanagi. After learning that Kyo attends the same high school,Shingo preceeds to follow Kyo around begging him to teach him how to fight.Eventually Kyo gives in and teaches Shingo Martial arts(although rather poorly). Shingo enters KOF primarily to prove himself to his teacher and mentor Kyo. Recently Shingo was retrained by Kyo’s father and fans of Shingo are still waiting for a new and Improved Shingo.

Character gameplay overview:Despite the nature of Shingo’s personality and design, He is a great character to use. Shingo plays identical to the Series poster boy Kyo. However Shingo offense is intentionally handicapped by incomplete  and botched moves. One of his attacks has a high probability of Shingo landing face first on the ground even if the attack connects. Despite these gameplay setbacks. Shingo is a powerful character that deals good amounts of damage.that is when his attacks actually connect. If your new to KOF, I would advise against picking Shingo. If you have KOF experiance then i would definitley give Shingo a chance to win you over