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For years the fighting game community longed for a sequel to one of the most popular fighting games in history. now after a little over a decade later fight fans dreams have come true. Soon after MvC3 was announced , message boards filled up with speculations for who capcom would place in the game. so far reports from various media have confirmed that the game will have 30(15 per each faction) playable characters with a possibility of other characters being released via DLC (downloadable content).
So far representing CAPCOM is
Ryu (street fighter)
chun li (street fighter)
morrigan Aensland (darkstalkers)
Felicia (Darkstalkers)
viewtiful joe (viewtiful joe)
Amaterasu (okami)
Chris redfield (resident evil)
Albert wesker (resident evil)
Dante (Devil may cry 3)
trish ( devil may cry)
Arthur (ghost n’ goblins)
tron bonne ( mega man legends, misadventures of tron bonne)
Nathan “rad” spencer ( bionic commando)

Thoughts: Of course the holy Quartet of CAPCOM fighters (Ryu,Chun li, Morrigan, Felicia) was obviously going to be in this game. although i am sure there were some fans hoping Dimitri would be in the game instead of Felicia. From this point on the CAPCOM’s roster gets a even split of being predictable and unexpected. I am sure most fans were anticipating Viewtiful Joe’s entry into the game seeing as he was included in capcoms latest crossover fighter Tatsunoko vs.Capcom . plus since CAPCOM can just port over the 3d model it would cut down development time. Amaterasu was a decent surprise although i admit i was not very excited at first about the inclusion of Amaterasu. I knew it would be safe to assume that there would be atleast 2 Resident evil characters. Chris was definitely going to be one since RE5 came out last year. i originally guessed that the second character would be either Leon kennedy or Jill valentine. Instead we were given Albert Wesker, A pivotal character within the RE games. for now i am withholding judgement on Wesker. Dante was another predictable inclusion. However i am definitely baffled at the choice to go with DMC3 dante instead of classic Dante from the 1st DMC game. I guess its cause the DMC 3 dante had more attitude. Also from the DMC universe we get Trish. She is another character that i have mixed feelings about. while trish is definitely a cool character, i believe someone else could have been added in. Arthur was a answered prayer from the older fans that could remember the ghost n’ goblins series. ever since seeing him as a assist character in the original MvC, Fans have been rallying for a chance to fight as Arthur. I am excited to see tron bonne return. i admit she was not one of my main characters i used in MvC2 , But tron definitely brings something interesting to the table. I disagree with the inclusion of Nathan spencer. I was not a fan of the Recent Bionic commando game so obviously seeing Spencer in MvC3 is heartbreaking for me.

Representing MARVEL is:
Captain America
Iron Man
Doctor Doom
Super skrull

Thoughts: Marvel’s roster was a lot easier to predict. Obviously the Iconic MARVEL characters were going to make it in the game( Spiderman , Wolverine, Doom, HULK, Captain America , Magento) . MARVEL’s line up has a few interesting (for better or worse) Choices for its characters new to MvC franchise. With his recent surge in popularity, Deadpool was a obvious choice for MvC3. I am interested in seeing how CAPCOM will incorporate Deadpool’s fourth wall breaking antics into the game. X-23 has gotten the most mixed reaction of any of the new characters announced for MvC3. Being a X-23 fan, i am glad she was picked to be included. althought i admit there is the danger of her playing to similiar to Wolverine. Dorammu is definitely a odd choice for MARVEL. When he was revealed i had to do some heavy research to find out who he was. yes he is that obscure of a character. And lastly we have the 2 biggest disappointments in the entire game so far, M.O.D.O.K and Super skrull. I could care less for both of them. i could make a 4 page list of way more qualified MARVEL villains.

so now there is only four roster spots left (2 for each side). i am not sure who will be included but i have a few hopes/predictions for the remaining roster spot.
Frank west (dead rising)- i think he will definitely be one of capcom’s last to remaining spots,plus porting his 3d model from Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom will cut down production time.
Zero (mega man X)- see above
Mike haggar (final fight) : DAMN IT CAPCOM!!!! GIVE US HAGGAR!!!!
Megaman ( classic or X) : i hated Volnutt. so i am crossing my fingers and hoping he will not be in MvC3
Gene (Godhand) : Capcom seems to be throwing in mostly characters that have appeared in recent years. so why not throw gene in to form the Clover studios trio ( with Viewtiful joe, Amaterasu)
Ms. Marvel- Marvel’s side is extremely lacking in female representation. i think she would be a great inclusion
Carnage- with carnage making a come back sometime this month in Amazing spider-man, i would hope that Marvel would want to get the character some air time.
The punisher : Frank castle not making a appearance in any of the Marvel fighting games or the crossovers is a huge crime that needs to be atoned for immediately.
dazzler: not sure why but i would love to see her in another game.
Psylocke: i have high hopes that she will be included.

UPDATE: 11/30/10
couple of changes – roster has been upped from 30 to 40 characters. 4 more characters have been revealed since my initial post.
MARVEL: She-hulk and Shuma gorath(DLC)
CAPCOM: Zero and Jill valentine(DLC)
She-hulk’s additon to the roster was a huge surprise to a lot of gamers. I am a fan of she-hulk so i am excited to play as her. still holding onto hope that Ms. Marvel will be included too. I never liked Shuma Gorath. i always thought the character was boring and uninspired in the comics and the capcom/marvel fighters. I Expected Zero to be included. I still would rather have the original Mega man or Mega man X . I am split 50/50 on the inclusion of Jill Valentine. I loved her MvsC2 incarnation, but i am guessing she will have a different play style since this is her RE5 incarnation. there is still more characters to be revealed so lets hope Capcom will give us some more surprising but wanted entries. ( HOWARD THE DUCK!!!)


for many years, i have thought the music in video games have never gotten the credit they deserve. There are a great deal of moments in my gaming Career that definitely would not have been the same without the proper music to accompany it.Much like in a movie when a bad song choice for the soundtrack can completely take you out of a scene. However, this rarely happens in the video game world. A phenomenal example of game music is the song “one wing angel”. This is the song that plays during the final battle of Final Fantasy 7. Its haunting orchestra and chants have embedded themselves into the hearts and minds of gamers across the world. However, long before One wing angel. We had many other memorable tunes from the 8-bit era of video games. from the unforgettable themes of Super mario brothers, Legend of zelda , River city ransom, and double dragon. As time went on, more generic and forgettable music was used in games. I believe that this trend changed around the late 90’s. Many games of today often license music from popular musicians or hire conducters to make original scores for their games muchl ike some hollywood films do. games like Shadow of the colossus and Soul calibur which both utilize original orchestra music for its soundtrack definitely benefitted from the latter. Of all the video game genres, Fighting games suffered the most when it came to soundtracks. Most games were filled with generic battle themes. In time this improved with series like “the king of fighters”. I really cannot remember any fighting that had such amazing music to fight to. now as far as fighting games are concerned , Guilty gear and Blazblue has the best fighting game music ( both soundtracks were composed by daisuke ishiwatari). Hopefully some day all game developers will realize the importance of music in games. Below i have added a few of my absolute favorite game soundtracks ever.

Street fighter 3 3rd strike definitely went in a creative direction with its soundtrack. featuring a unique blend of hip-hop , jazzy & techno tunes which blend perfectly with the backgrounds and the action on screen.
favorite tracks: Jazzy NYC 99( Alex& ken’s theme) , beats in my head(elena’s theme) , twilight(ibuki’s theme), killing moon(akuma’s theme) , the longshoreman( sean& oro’s theme)

Shadow of colossus’ soundtrack was just as brilliant as the game itself. quiet and ambient when you travel the large open terrain , Powerful and melodic as you fight the colossus.
favorite tracks: Revived power , counter attack

Suikoden 2 has a well crafted soundtrack mixing various classical stylings from several different cultures around the world.
favorite tracks : orizzonte, due fi umi , theme of a moonlight night

the King of fighters franchise has some of the most memorable tunes in fighting game history. it is because of this that i could not pick a single incarnation and instead chose the entire franchise. K.O.F used many different stlyes of music over ther years from hard rock all the way to classical music.
favorite tracks: ground creeping bass (women team 95), arashi no saxophone 2/the stormy saxophone 2 (yagami team 96) ,Esaka!?( japan team 96) , psycho soldier “KOF version” (psycho soldier team 94) ,Terry115 (fatal fury team 2000) , wild party (korea team 2000) , Tears (kyo kusanagi 99 ) , Cool jam (iori yagami 97,

the guilty gear series exploded onto the fighting game scene with its amazing gameplay, graphics , and intense heavy rock influenced soundtrack. out of all the multiple versions of the game’s soundtrack, the “Heavy rock tracks” version is by far the best.
favorite tracks: Babel nose( jam’s theme) , blue water blue sky (may’s theme) , a solitude that ask nothing in return ( venom’s theme) , keep yourself alive 2 (sol’s theme) , kagematsuri/ shadow festival ( I-no’s theme)

using the same composer as the guilty gear series was a wise decision for BLAZBLUE. Blazblue’s sound however tends to lean more toward symphonic power metal tunes mixed with more faster pace heavy rock.
favorite tracks:Rebellion ( ragna’s theme) , lust SIN (jin’s theme) , oriental flower (litchi’s theme) , marionette purple (carl’S theme) , reppu (Bang’s theme)

Okay i have been a fan of street fighter for as long as i have been playing video games. Street fighter has one of the most amazing rosters of fighters ever. So why is it that capcom is wasting valuable character space on lame joke characters? I don’t mind the occasional joke character. Dan is a classic creation. But then they went ahead and gave us 2 more joke characters in street fighter 4 (rufus and el fuerte) . Now we have this debacle of a character

I introduce you to Hakan the turkish oil wrestler, the latest new additon to the Street fighter roster. Lame design all around. i did not think capcom could come up with anything worst than rufus. Needless to say they proved me wrong. I viewed videos of Hakan’s arsenal of moves. After several views i came to the conclusion that not only is Hakan one of the worst characters in Sf history, but one of the worst designs ever in fighting game history. why waste space on lame joke/gag fighters when you have a vast library of awesome fighters at your disposal. So i came up with a list of characters that are way more deserving of Street fighter 4 glory than the lame trio (fuerte, rufus,Hakan) that capcom has givin us.

1. Mike Haggar (Final fight, saturday night slam masters)

Almost everytime i see a character request thread on a message board the name Mike Haggar pops up. Seriously he is the only character that was in all 3 final fight games. Guy and cody have already made the leap to the SF universe. I am pretty sure capcom could make up a plausible reason for Haggar to have appeared in SF 4.Reunite the original final fight trio!

2. Shoma Sawamura (rival schools)

Out of the entire rival schools cast Shoma seems to be the crowd favorite. His baseball inspired arsenal would definitely hold its own against the veterans of SF. Plus his hot blooded personality would provide various reasons why he would enter the world warrior tournament. Sakura made a appearrance in rival schools so why can’t Rival schools fighters appear in SF?

3. Kurow kirishima (Rival schools)

Kurow was another awesome character from the rival schools games. One look and you could tell this guy was going to be evil. Kurow was part of a group that was brainwashing students, sounds like something S.I.N would do . easy fit.

4.Rolento (final fight, Street fighter alpha 2)

why Rolento is not present in SF 4 is pure insanity.He definitely brings a unique play style to the Sf universe. much like Kurow, Rolento could easily have been a new recruit for S.I.N. Rolento’s super where he hangs his opponent would make a great ultra move.

5. Zaki (Rival schools)

Definitely one of the best designs Capcom has ever made. Zaki’s outfit is pretty original and uncommon amongst Female fighters in fighting games. Zaki ‘s fighting style and highly aggresive attitude brought something different to the table. its a shame she was overlooked by alot of players.

6. Doctrine dark (street fighter ex)

Street fighter could use another psychopath. D.Dark gets points for using unorthodox methods such as using trip wires and bombs during battles. D.Dark also has the advantage of being creepy looking. i believe he had some vendetta against guile. I think he would make a decent wild card throughout the Sf 4 story.

7.Kyousuke kagami (rival schools)

Kyousuke was another popular character to use in Rival schools. His appearance in capcom vs. SNK 2 was very welcome by the fans. Kyousuke’s ending in the last Rival schools game left alot of players questioning his whereabouts. in his ending he was forced to kill his brother who was possesed by the demonic spirit of their father, afterwards Kyousuke vanished. maybe SF 4 could bring him back into the spotlight and aid him in dealing with his brother’s death?

8. Karin Kanzaki (street fighter alpha 3)

Karin was Sakura’s rival in the Sakura Ganbaru comics. later she was brought in as a actual character in Street fighter alpha 3. Karin’s counter attacks were something unseen in street fighter games and kept players on the defensive. I think she would have made the transition to SF 4 very easily. Sakura needs her rival. after all, Rivals always bring out the best in each other.

9. poison (final fight)

Poison is definitely one of the most famous NPCs( non-playable characters) ever. long story short, Poison is a transsexual. something the videogame world has not really explored. this fact led to her removal from the home versions of final fight. poison appears alongside Hugo in the Street fighter 3 games . poison was also set to appear in the ill-fated capcom all-stars game. Since then some fans have asked for Poison’s inclusion in SF 4. The issue was actually addressed by the producer of SF 4 stating that poison’s region specific gender( U.S: post-op, Japan :pre-op) would cause too much confusion.

10. Edge (rival schools)

I have a soft spot for knife wielding characters. Edge’s wild streak and knife skills could give any fighter a difficult fight.
Edge is a brawler and would need very little reason to fight making him easy to come up with a story for his entrance into the world warrior tournament.

and finally

11. Skullomania (street fighter ex)

If capcom so badly wanted to include a wacky character in the SF 4 line-up then Skullomania was perfect. A hero for justice, Skullo’s inclusion definitely would have been to destroy S.I.N. while not my favorite of the EX cast, Skullomania was a interesting design appearance and fighting style wise.

protege characters are definitely a common thing in fighting games. in most cases the protege character is somehow related to a previous character through blood or upbringing ( Rock howard amd Hokutomaru from mark of the wolves) . In some cases , the protege character is of no blood relation to another character and is merely a student or fan of a previous character. Which is the case of the two characters in this topic. while fans of the street fighter series have always debated between the series two main stars( Ken and Ryu), I have rarely seen debate between the two classic world warrior’s proteges. So i have provided some insight on the proteges and you can decide which one is better.

The introduction:
Sean Matsuda

Sean made his first appearance in Street fighter 3: the new generation. In the original concept of street fighter 3 ken and Ryu were not to be included in the game (hence the new generation tagline). Sean was supposed to be the only ansatsuken fighter in SF3. However fan demand convinced capcom to change their mind and Ken and Ryu were included in SF3. Sean is Ken’s student and has fought alongside Ken in various tournaments. a running joke in the SF 3 series is Sean always getting beaten in his endings. Much like his master, Sean wears a standard karate Gi into battle although choosing to wear gold than his masters famous red Gi (most protege characters tend to dress like their teacher/mentor). For some reason some fans consider sean a joke character due to his endings and the fact that he mentions not wanting to be compared to Dan during the series.

Sakura kasugano

Sakura Kasugano was first introduced in Street fighter alpha 2. Sakura became a Big fan of Ryu after witnessing Ryu win the first world warrior tournament (SF1). after watching various fights that Ryu was involved in Sakura began to train herself in ansatsuken by copying Ryu attacks. Eventually she seeks out Ryu for official training. However, Ryu tells her that he is unable to train her since he is still training himself. Sakura took the fighting game world by storm and quickly became a popular character within the capcom universe. Sakura is a frequent in the many crossover games that capcom does within its own universe (super puzzle fighter, pocket fighter) and with other companies (marvel vs capcom games, Capcom vs. Snk) . Sakura was also featured in capcom’s high school fighting game Rival schools. Sakura wears a School girl sailor uniform into battle instead of a standard Gi like the other ansatsuken fighters.

Fighting style : Sean
Sean has a unique variation of his master’s style. Like ken, Sean has various powerful and flashy kicking techniques. most notable are his overhead falling crescent kick and sean’s variation of the classic hurricane kick. Sean’s variation of the Shoryuken is also notable. In SF3 Sean’s shoryuken began much like the standard Shoryuken. however after the initial punch connects, Sean spins around in mid-air and does and follow-up punch with the other hand. Later in SF3 : 3rd strike Sean’s shoryuken was changed. In this version of the SF3 Sean’s shoryuken was renamed to “dragon smash” and performed differently. instead of a rising uppercut followed by a mid-air punch, the dragon smash used both fist while rising from the ground getting rid of any follow-up attack. the most unique aspect of sean’s fighting style is Sean’s inability to throw projectiles (hadouken) as a standard special move. Sean can only throw a single projectile when his super gauge is filled (hadou burst). this was a vary odd thing especially when you consider every other ansatsuken fighter is capable of throwing constant projectiles.

Since Sakura never recieved any offical training unlike Sean, most of her moves are a custom variation of what she has watched Ryu do in his fights. Sakura’s Hadouken size and strength can be changed depending on how many times the punch button is pressed when the command is performed. Sakura’s variation of the shoryuken called the Shouoken was very inventive at the time. the attack would begin with Sakura charging her opponent and then finishing with the leaping uppercut like the standard Shoryuken. Her version of the hurricane kick called “Shippu kyaku” was useful for avoiding projectiles amd low attacks due to the attacks rising and descending arc motion. the most noteworthy super attack of Sakura’s is her “Haruichiban” super attack. the Haruichiban starts hitting low at the beginning of the super attack which is something vary rare in 2D fighters even till this day.

closing thoughts:
If i were to choose one over the other i would pick Sakura. She was alot more fun to use than sean. not mention she shows way more personality than Sean. I celebrated when capcom annouced Sakura’s inclusion into Street fighter 4. guess that shows the power of a Fighting school girl.

GEESE HOWARD, a name that brought fear and excitement to Fighting game world. Geese is a true legend in the SNK universe. Although Geese’s first appearnce ever was in the first FATAL FURY game, His story actually begins in another game called ART OF FIGHTING 2 by SNK. the ART OF FIGHTING series serves as a prequel to FATAL FURY. ART OF FIGHTING 2 documents GEESE’s rise to power from corrupt police commissioner to the rising star of the criminal world in South town (the fictional city where AOF and FF take place). IN AOF2, it is revealed that Geese was the mastermind behind the events of the first AOF game. Geese creates “the king of fighters” tournament to Lure out those that disrupted his plans. Some years later, Geese murders the father of Terry and Andy bogard the main characters of FATAL FURY. Many years later, The Bogard brothers come back to South town and enter The king of fighters tournament to face Geese and avenge their father. Ultimately it is the oldest brother Terry that confronts geese in the final round of the tournament and Defeats him. At the end of the battle Geese is knocked from the top of his own tower overlooking the city and dies hours later in a hospital, Or so it was believed. Geese made a appearance in FATAL FURY special. this game was derived as a dream match game not to have any continuity with the main story. However, in FATAL FURY 3 Geese makes his truimphant return revealing to the fighting world that he is very much alive. The story of FF3 revolved around a pair of scrolls that are somewhere in southtown that will grant its user immortality. A the end of a intense battle the scrolls came into Geese’s possesion. After thoroughly studying the scrolls Geese immediately wanted to test the scrolls power and Annouced another King of fighters tournament (Real bout Fatal fury). once again , the final match featured Geese VS. Terry bogard on top of geese’s tower.
Just like the first battle between the two men, Geese was defeated and knocked off his tower. This time however, Terry grabbed geese’s hand and attempted save him. Geese instead chose death over being saved by his nemesis and yanked his arm loose from terry’s grip and fell to his death. Although this was the final canonical appearance of Geese in FF, a more powerful ghost version of Him called “NIGHTMARE GEESE” could be fought in later games if certain conditions were met.

Geese is well known in fighting game circles as being one of the hardest fighting game bosses ever and this was before Companies starting creating bosses with unavoidable screen filling instant death special moves. Geese also deserves credit for bringing counter maneuvers to the forefront of 2D fighters. He seriously made you think twice about throwing a wild attack out there. Geese was also a popular choice for the crossover games that SNK were involved in with rival fighting game creator Capcom. Geese howard definitely has earned his spot the halls of fighting game history for proving that you don’t need cheap unblockable death beams or mid-battle resurrections to make a challenging boss battle. All you need is a cleverly designed offense which force players to react exactly how geese wanted you to. Which would lead to a brutal defeat and a “continue?” screen with Geese mocking your performance.

At last my second anime review. Took me long enough right? this time i selected a anime out of my Top five favorite animes to review. i will openly admit that the first time i heard the concept for Samurai champloo i was very sceptical. Fusing hip hop culture and the various things it has influenced into a samurai period drama? Yeah i thought it was a insane idea.

The pacing of Samurai Champloo’s story is akin to its Spiritual brother Cowboy bebop. While there is a general plot, it is explored in small doses until a little over half way through the series. The story revolves around the adventures of Mugen,Jin and Fuu as the search japan for “the Samurai that smells of Sunflowers” thankfully abbreviated to “Sunflower Samurai” as the show goes on. Most of the episodes in Samurai champloo find our protagonists wandering into town broke and trying to earn money to continue their journey while somehow always managing to find some trouble. The entire series is full of many entertaining moments that will have you rewatching some episodes numerous times. Although serious in nature, the show also does a great job of utilizing Slapstick comedy during some episodes.A great example of this is episode 23 “baseball blues” where our Mugen,Jin,and Fuu find themselves Competing in a baseball game against a group American belligerents . The characters themselves deserve their spots in anime history. Each character in this show is full of personality. Even the minor one appearance characters will leave a lasting impression.
Another thing worth mentioning is the shows soundtrack. As stated earlier i was sceptical of the fusion of hip-hop and Samurai drama. However, those fears were put to rest after watching the first episode. the Background music fits in perfectly with what is happening onscreen. Soft R&B like rhythms accompany slower and emotional scenes while Fast drum and bass is used for more hectic scenes. I think this series should be in every anime fans collection. Samurai Champloo is truly a anime masterpiece.

Favorite episode: #11 Gamblers and gallantry (fallen angel)
Jin befriends a woman who is forced into prostitution to pay of her husbands gambling debts. I don’t want to spoil the rest.

Bushido blade was a 3D fighting game developed by Lightweight (kengo series) and published by Squaresoft ( now Square enix). it was released in america on September 30th 1997. Bushido blade was a armed combat game which utilized a realistic fighting engine which was innovative and unique at the time of its release. Absent from the game was Life bars and a time limit. In Bushido Blade most hits will cause instant death or would cripple a opponent. Crippling a opponent would cause various changes to the battle itself. For example, severly damaging your opponents legs will take away a great amount of their mobility and they will be forced to crawl or roll around on the ground.
Exploration was also encouraged during the game. rather than a small arena, Players were given a huge castle to venture through while fending of enemys.Characters in Bushido Blade also have the ability to run, jump, and climb within the 3D environments. The game possessed a small but great roster of characters. Each character had their own strengths and weaknesses. Bushido blade features eight weapons to choose from in many of its modes , including Katana, rapier,nodachi,long sword , sledgehammer, naginata ,saber, and the broadsword. Each weapon posseses its own set of realistic statistics which greatly effect how proficient a character will be with the weapon. Example, Kannuki is the most powerful character and can easily wield any weapon, but will not be able to do the more speedy and acrobatic moves that weaker and speedier characters can do. Lastly and by far one of the most interesting features is the game uses the ancient code of Bushido. The code of Bushido was a set of rules in the game. If any of this rules were broken during the story mode the game would come to a abrupt end and force you to start over.

Story: within a hidden dojo known as the Meikyokan lies a secret society of Assasins known as “Kage” .Once led by the honorable swordsman Utsusemi, he lost his position to Hanzaki, another skilled member of the dojo, in a fierce battle. Hanzaki gained respect as the Kage leader, until he discovered a cursed sword known as Yugiri. He began to change, disregarding the groups honor and the traditions held by its students.One day, a Kage escapes the confines of the dojo with its secrets. as the Rogue Kage , you escape to Yin Yang castle where you must due battle with your pursuers and somehow successfully escape the castle.

Personal thoughts: Bushido was definitely a one of a kind game. I remember the first time i played through story mode and attacked my first opponent while they were talking to me. suddenly a message pops up scolding me for my actions which was then followed by the main menu. “WTF!” was my first reaction, but over time i learned to appreciate such a interesting method of forcing the player to obey the rules and fight honorably (only if spammers in fighting games today could be punished in a similiar manner) . Another interesting twist to the game that i love was the battle against Schuvaltz Katze a hitman hired by the main boss. This battle required some clever tactics as Katze uses a gun rather than a melee weapon. I know the last thing you would expect in a Game Called Bushido Blade is to be shot. Most people who face katze the first time were caught off gaurd by this and rushed him as soon as they saw the gun, only to be shot dead without getting anywhere near him. Overall, I think this game is worth hunting down and playing. It was a truly unique experiance that has yet to be replicated by any other fighting game.

I have decided to start doing blogs about retro, classic and priceless gems. I figured some people need to know about great games that they may have passed up. So you should be looking forward to it


as a avid Gamer i have to admit that i was oddly curious about this movie. In my mind i already knew what to expect. For starters, “Gamer” is set in the not so distant future (where have i heard that before). In this future, death row inmates are given a chance to compete in a team based war game called “slayers”. survive 30 sessions and you get your freedom again. whats the catch? Some random person is controlling your every move. Enter Kable (how it is spelled in he movie). Kable is the only competitor that has ever come close to attaining 30 sessions. with 27 sessions under his belt, it looks like he will be a free man soon. But of course its a action movie. Its never that easy. long story short GAMER is a fun mindless movie with no shortage of action. Fans of movies like “The running man” will feel right at home with this movie. Michael C. Hall(Dexter) deserves a honorable mention for his role as the Blatantly obvious evil billionaire inventor of slayers Ken castle. I love this character. If you are looking for a few good unintenional laughs and Constant on screen rampage GAMER is for you.

poster_inglorious-1 I will admit to not being a big tarantino fan. His films have always been “hit or miss” with me. INGLORIOUS BASTERDS is not the WW2 war movie that was promised. Instead the movie plays out more akin to a espionage film. As expected Tarantino fills BASTERDS with a hefty amount of pointless dialogue that goes nowhere really fast and does nothing but succeed in boring viewers. fortunately the violence in the movie makes up for the boring dialogue. nothing beats seeing Eli Roth beating a nazi to death with a baseball bat. However, overall BASTERDS is another test in patience for film goers. if you can manage to sit through the 25 minutes of dialogue to see 8 minutes of action then you will enjoy the movie. I would recommend waiting for the dvd release and borrowing it from a friend.