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every once in awhile in the world of Manga and Anime, A truly classic and timeless tale comes along. Ah My Goddess is one of those stories. This series easily fits into the Comedy/romance genre of anime, but a person could also say that it is a modern day fairy tale. The story begins with the central protagonist Keichi Morisato. Unlike most central male protagonist of this genre of anime, Keichi is pretty much your everyday guy. goes to a university, belongs to a auto club, lives in a dorm, and has crushes. even when things spiral downward He remains cheerful and optimistic. It is because of this that Keiichi is granted Heaven’s blessing which is a single wish. When Keiichi attempts to make a phone call one night, his call is intercepted by the goddess help line. Right before his eyes the Beautiful Goddess Belldandy appears. After explaining why she appeared before Keiichi and reassures him that this is not a prank. Keiichi then skepitcally says the very words that will change his life forever, ” I wish for a Goddess like you to be my side forever” . To his surprise, his wish is granted and belldandy is to remain with him for the rest of his life. Despite this situation, Ah my Goddess manages tells a wonderful and sometimes profound love story. most of the first part of season mainly focuses on Keiichi’s day-to-day life with Belldandy. This includes Finding a new place to live (he gets kick out the dorm for violating their “no girls” policy) to explaining earth customs and holidays. However the couple must also deal with the occasional jealous pursuer or Malevolent spirit. Most of the shows Comedic aspects are brought about by the inclusion of Various secondary characters. My personal favorite of these Characters is Belldandy’s Older demon-goddess hybrid sister Urd. Urd basically wants Keiichi and Belldandy’s Blossoming romance to progress to a more intimate and physical nature. Urd uses numerous shady and strong arm tactics to achieve this goal whether its offer her own body to Keiichi to get him comfortable with a women’s body, or Mind controlling him into attempting to seduce Belldandy. The show also does a good job of balancing out the Comedy and Emotional aspects of the story. I am very glad they did this. Most cases these kind of stories tend to become overdramatic and boring. Another aspect of the show that i think needs to be mention is the amazing english Dubbing. Some anime fans would much rather listen to anime in its native language, however i definitely would recommend a viewing of the show in english. Eileen stevens does a amazing job of capturing the purity and serene qualities of Belldandy. I am sure anyone watching this series in english will instantly fall in love with her voice. Ah my Goddess remains at the top of my list of favorite animes. I would highly recommend picking it up.

Side note: Belldandy over the years has become a extremely popular character over the years. whether its her beauty and compassionate nature or her getting drunk off cola, she has manage to win the hearts of fans across the world. Although some small circles of people have critized the character stating that Belldandy represents a negative stereotype of women. most people tend to percieve Belldandy in one of two ways, indentured servant or the perfect example of graceful femininity.


At last my second anime review. Took me long enough right? this time i selected a anime out of my Top five favorite animes to review. i will openly admit that the first time i heard the concept for Samurai champloo i was very sceptical. Fusing hip hop culture and the various things it has influenced into a samurai period drama? Yeah i thought it was a insane idea.

The pacing of Samurai Champloo’s story is akin to its Spiritual brother Cowboy bebop. While there is a general plot, it is explored in small doses until a little over half way through the series. The story revolves around the adventures of Mugen,Jin and Fuu as the search japan for “the Samurai that smells of Sunflowers” thankfully abbreviated to “Sunflower Samurai” as the show goes on. Most of the episodes in Samurai champloo find our protagonists wandering into town broke and trying to earn money to continue their journey while somehow always managing to find some trouble. The entire series is full of many entertaining moments that will have you rewatching some episodes numerous times. Although serious in nature, the show also does a great job of utilizing Slapstick comedy during some episodes.A great example of this is episode 23 “baseball blues” where our Mugen,Jin,and Fuu find themselves Competing in a baseball game against a group American belligerents . The characters themselves deserve their spots in anime history. Each character in this show is full of personality. Even the minor one appearance characters will leave a lasting impression.
Another thing worth mentioning is the shows soundtrack. As stated earlier i was sceptical of the fusion of hip-hop and Samurai drama. However, those fears were put to rest after watching the first episode. the Background music fits in perfectly with what is happening onscreen. Soft R&B like rhythms accompany slower and emotional scenes while Fast drum and bass is used for more hectic scenes. I think this series should be in every anime fans collection. Samurai Champloo is truly a anime masterpiece.

Favorite episode: #11 Gamblers and gallantry (fallen angel)
Jin befriends a woman who is forced into prostitution to pay of her husbands gambling debts. I don’t want to spoil the rest.


For my first anime review  I have chosen a loved but little known series call “Kino’s journey”.  Just as the title suggest, the show revolves Kino a traveller that wonders a unique and sometime eccentric world. Rather than having a overall story for the entire series, each episode of Kino’s journey is a self-contained story usually having Kino interacting with locals and discovering more about the country she(yes, Kino is a girl) is in. The beauty of this series is that none of the countries are the same. Each country has its own culture and beliefs. In episode 1 Kino ventures into a country where  inner thoughts of its inhabitants are visible to everyone, which forces the people to live apart from each other. There are many strange  and interesting countries that capture the viewers full attention throughout the series. There are also times in the story which shows the dangers travelling can be . There are several times in the show when Kino will unknowingly wander into dangerous situations. In a 2 part episode in the middle of the series, Kino is forced to compete in a gladiatorial style tournament in which the winner may create  a new law for the country she is in. although these dangerous situations are usually brief, it still is enough to put you on the edge of your seat.


overall, Kino’s journey is a great series for those who are just stepping into the world of anime. the story is not deeply rooted in hardcore anime   culture or japanese cultrue so any person can pick it up and enjoy it.I would highly recommend picking up this series.