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It has almost been a month since gamers ended the five year long journey of the Mass Effect series. After fighting waves of enemies, logging over 100 hours , and playing the first two games repeatedly shaping the universe with different Commander Shepards. The fanbase was rewarded with one of the most polarizing endings in gaming history. The ending was so confusing and unanimously hated that gamers campaigned for bioware to create a different ending. Bioware has responded by announcing a “extended cut” of the ending to give gamers a better understanding of the events of the game’s ending due out in the summer.The fanbase is also divided on the ending itself. Some people despise the ending, but would not want Bioware to change it so artistic integrity is not sacrificed. The other side wants a brighter Happily ever-after ending. I actually agree with both sides. first off, I greatly despise the ending. The last 10 minutes of the game does a great injustice to all of the fans. after so many decisions and after the last epic battle defending the surface-to-air missiles while what seems like a never ending wave of enemies, we possibly have wiped out the universe. WHAT? That was my first reaction when the credits rolled. In the end we are given three choices. all which result in the sacrifice of Shepard’s life and all the mass relays destroyed. This is where the confusion begins. in the “arrival” DLC when the mass relay was destroyed it wiped out the entire star system. so if every relay is destroyed then all life would be wiped out right? The fan base has gone so far as to impose a theory on the ending known as “the indoctrination theory”. The creators of this theory believe that the events after Shepard is hit by Harbinger’s death beam is all his imagination as his mind fights indoctrination.

The evidence in the theory is a little rocky, save for the after credits scene when you choose the Destroy ending. This scene shows Commander Shepard waking up amongst rubble presumably in london. which would be impossible since the citadel explodes in space and the vacuum of space would have killed him. Then there is the side of me that actually wants a brighter ending where Shepard does not die. what is the point in saving the universe if you can’t explore it when the dust settles? I wanted to return to Rannoch with Tali and recieve the heroes welcome they so deserve.I am sure many were expecting something similar. After the all the death and battle across three games, is it a bit too much just to have Shepard and Garrus have a sharpshooting rematch on the beach somewhere? Even worse, players don’t even get to see the final outcome of the final decision made at the end of the Mass Effect 3. This is something i hope the extended cut addresses.
I just hope Bioware and other gaming companies take note of this ordeal and learn from. The lesson they should have learned? Don’t make confusing endings with elements that completely paradox the situations that has played out.


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