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For years the fighting game community longed for a sequel to one of the most popular fighting games in history. now after a little over a decade later fight fans dreams have come true. Soon after MvC3 was announced , message boards filled up with speculations for who capcom would place in the game. so far reports from various media have confirmed that the game will have 30(15 per each faction) playable characters with a possibility of other characters being released via DLC (downloadable content).
So far representing CAPCOM is
Ryu (street fighter)
chun li (street fighter)
morrigan Aensland (darkstalkers)
Felicia (Darkstalkers)
viewtiful joe (viewtiful joe)
Amaterasu (okami)
Chris redfield (resident evil)
Albert wesker (resident evil)
Dante (Devil may cry 3)
trish ( devil may cry)
Arthur (ghost n’ goblins)
tron bonne ( mega man legends, misadventures of tron bonne)
Nathan “rad” spencer ( bionic commando)

Thoughts: Of course the holy Quartet of CAPCOM fighters (Ryu,Chun li, Morrigan, Felicia) was obviously going to be in this game. although i am sure there were some fans hoping Dimitri would be in the game instead of Felicia. From this point on the CAPCOM’s roster gets a even split of being predictable and unexpected. I am sure most fans were anticipating Viewtiful Joe’s entry into the game seeing as he was included in capcoms latest crossover fighter Tatsunoko vs.Capcom . plus since CAPCOM can just port over the 3d model it would cut down development time. Amaterasu was a decent surprise although i admit i was not very excited at first about the inclusion of Amaterasu. I knew it would be safe to assume that there would be atleast 2 Resident evil characters. Chris was definitely going to be one since RE5 came out last year. i originally guessed that the second character would be either Leon kennedy or Jill valentine. Instead we were given Albert Wesker, A pivotal character within the RE games. for now i am withholding judgement on Wesker. Dante was another predictable inclusion. However i am definitely baffled at the choice to go with DMC3 dante instead of classic Dante from the 1st DMC game. I guess its cause the DMC 3 dante had more attitude. Also from the DMC universe we get Trish. She is another character that i have mixed feelings about. while trish is definitely a cool character, i believe someone else could have been added in. Arthur was a answered prayer from the older fans that could remember the ghost n’ goblins series. ever since seeing him as a assist character in the original MvC, Fans have been rallying for a chance to fight as Arthur. I am excited to see tron bonne return. i admit she was not one of my main characters i used in MvC2 , But tron definitely brings something interesting to the table. I disagree with the inclusion of Nathan spencer. I was not a fan of the Recent Bionic commando game so obviously seeing Spencer in MvC3 is heartbreaking for me.

Representing MARVEL is:
Captain America
Iron Man
Doctor Doom
Super skrull

Thoughts: Marvel’s roster was a lot easier to predict. Obviously the Iconic MARVEL characters were going to make it in the game( Spiderman , Wolverine, Doom, HULK, Captain America , Magento) . MARVEL’s line up has a few interesting (for better or worse) Choices for its characters new to MvC franchise. With his recent surge in popularity, Deadpool was a obvious choice for MvC3. I am interested in seeing how CAPCOM will incorporate Deadpool’s fourth wall breaking antics into the game. X-23 has gotten the most mixed reaction of any of the new characters announced for MvC3. Being a X-23 fan, i am glad she was picked to be included. althought i admit there is the danger of her playing to similiar to Wolverine. Dorammu is definitely a odd choice for MARVEL. When he was revealed i had to do some heavy research to find out who he was. yes he is that obscure of a character. And lastly we have the 2 biggest disappointments in the entire game so far, M.O.D.O.K and Super skrull. I could care less for both of them. i could make a 4 page list of way more qualified MARVEL villains.

so now there is only four roster spots left (2 for each side). i am not sure who will be included but i have a few hopes/predictions for the remaining roster spot.
Frank west (dead rising)- i think he will definitely be one of capcom’s last to remaining spots,plus porting his 3d model from Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom will cut down production time.
Zero (mega man X)- see above
Mike haggar (final fight) : DAMN IT CAPCOM!!!! GIVE US HAGGAR!!!!
Megaman ( classic or X) : i hated Volnutt. so i am crossing my fingers and hoping he will not be in MvC3
Gene (Godhand) : Capcom seems to be throwing in mostly characters that have appeared in recent years. so why not throw gene in to form the Clover studios trio ( with Viewtiful joe, Amaterasu)
Ms. Marvel- Marvel’s side is extremely lacking in female representation. i think she would be a great inclusion
Carnage- with carnage making a come back sometime this month in Amazing spider-man, i would hope that Marvel would want to get the character some air time.
The punisher : Frank castle not making a appearance in any of the Marvel fighting games or the crossovers is a huge crime that needs to be atoned for immediately.
dazzler: not sure why but i would love to see her in another game.
Psylocke: i have high hopes that she will be included.

UPDATE: 11/30/10
couple of changes – roster has been upped from 30 to 40 characters. 4 more characters have been revealed since my initial post.
MARVEL: She-hulk and Shuma gorath(DLC)
CAPCOM: Zero and Jill valentine(DLC)
She-hulk’s additon to the roster was a huge surprise to a lot of gamers. I am a fan of she-hulk so i am excited to play as her. still holding onto hope that Ms. Marvel will be included too. I never liked Shuma Gorath. i always thought the character was boring and uninspired in the comics and the capcom/marvel fighters. I Expected Zero to be included. I still would rather have the original Mega man or Mega man X . I am split 50/50 on the inclusion of Jill Valentine. I loved her MvsC2 incarnation, but i am guessing she will have a different play style since this is her RE5 incarnation. there is still more characters to be revealed so lets hope Capcom will give us some more surprising but wanted entries. ( HOWARD THE DUCK!!!)


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