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Monthly Archives: March 2010

protege characters are definitely a common thing in fighting games. in most cases the protege character is somehow related to a previous character through blood or upbringing ( Rock howard amd Hokutomaru from mark of the wolves) . In some cases , the protege character is of no blood relation to another character and is merely a student or fan of a previous character. Which is the case of the two characters in this topic. while fans of the street fighter series have always debated between the series two main stars( Ken and Ryu), I have rarely seen debate between the two classic world warrior’s proteges. So i have provided some insight on the proteges and you can decide which one is better.

The introduction:
Sean Matsuda

Sean made his first appearance in Street fighter 3: the new generation. In the original concept of street fighter 3 ken and Ryu were not to be included in the game (hence the new generation tagline). Sean was supposed to be the only ansatsuken fighter in SF3. However fan demand convinced capcom to change their mind and Ken and Ryu were included in SF3. Sean is Ken’s student and has fought alongside Ken in various tournaments. a running joke in the SF 3 series is Sean always getting beaten in his endings. Much like his master, Sean wears a standard karate Gi into battle although choosing to wear gold than his masters famous red Gi (most protege characters tend to dress like their teacher/mentor). For some reason some fans consider sean a joke character due to his endings and the fact that he mentions not wanting to be compared to Dan during the series.

Sakura kasugano

Sakura Kasugano was first introduced in Street fighter alpha 2. Sakura became a Big fan of Ryu after witnessing Ryu win the first world warrior tournament (SF1). after watching various fights that Ryu was involved in Sakura began to train herself in ansatsuken by copying Ryu attacks. Eventually she seeks out Ryu for official training. However, Ryu tells her that he is unable to train her since he is still training himself. Sakura took the fighting game world by storm and quickly became a popular character within the capcom universe. Sakura is a frequent in the many crossover games that capcom does within its own universe (super puzzle fighter, pocket fighter) and with other companies (marvel vs capcom games, Capcom vs. Snk) . Sakura was also featured in capcom’s high school fighting game Rival schools. Sakura wears a School girl sailor uniform into battle instead of a standard Gi like the other ansatsuken fighters.

Fighting style : Sean
Sean has a unique variation of his master’s style. Like ken, Sean has various powerful and flashy kicking techniques. most notable are his overhead falling crescent kick and sean’s variation of the classic hurricane kick. Sean’s variation of the Shoryuken is also notable. In SF3 Sean’s shoryuken began much like the standard Shoryuken. however after the initial punch connects, Sean spins around in mid-air and does and follow-up punch with the other hand. Later in SF3 : 3rd strike Sean’s shoryuken was changed. In this version of the SF3 Sean’s shoryuken was renamed to “dragon smash” and performed differently. instead of a rising uppercut followed by a mid-air punch, the dragon smash used both fist while rising from the ground getting rid of any follow-up attack. the most unique aspect of sean’s fighting style is Sean’s inability to throw projectiles (hadouken) as a standard special move. Sean can only throw a single projectile when his super gauge is filled (hadou burst). this was a vary odd thing especially when you consider every other ansatsuken fighter is capable of throwing constant projectiles.

Since Sakura never recieved any offical training unlike Sean, most of her moves are a custom variation of what she has watched Ryu do in his fights. Sakura’s Hadouken size and strength can be changed depending on how many times the punch button is pressed when the command is performed. Sakura’s variation of the shoryuken called the Shouoken was very inventive at the time. the attack would begin with Sakura charging her opponent and then finishing with the leaping uppercut like the standard Shoryuken. Her version of the hurricane kick called “Shippu kyaku” was useful for avoiding projectiles amd low attacks due to the attacks rising and descending arc motion. the most noteworthy super attack of Sakura’s is her “Haruichiban” super attack. the Haruichiban starts hitting low at the beginning of the super attack which is something vary rare in 2D fighters even till this day.

closing thoughts:
If i were to choose one over the other i would pick Sakura. She was alot more fun to use than sean. not mention she shows way more personality than Sean. I celebrated when capcom annouced Sakura’s inclusion into Street fighter 4. guess that shows the power of a Fighting school girl.