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Monthly Archives: January 2010

GEESE HOWARD, a name that brought fear and excitement to Fighting game world. Geese is a true legend in the SNK universe. Although Geese’s first appearnce ever was in the first FATAL FURY game, His story actually begins in another game called ART OF FIGHTING 2 by SNK. the ART OF FIGHTING series serves as a prequel to FATAL FURY. ART OF FIGHTING 2 documents GEESE’s rise to power from corrupt police commissioner to the rising star of the criminal world in South town (the fictional city where AOF and FF take place). IN AOF2, it is revealed that Geese was the mastermind behind the events of the first AOF game. Geese creates “the king of fighters” tournament to Lure out those that disrupted his plans. Some years later, Geese murders the father of Terry and Andy bogard the main characters of FATAL FURY. Many years later, The Bogard brothers come back to South town and enter The king of fighters tournament to face Geese and avenge their father. Ultimately it is the oldest brother Terry that confronts geese in the final round of the tournament and Defeats him. At the end of the battle Geese is knocked from the top of his own tower overlooking the city and dies hours later in a hospital, Or so it was believed. Geese made a appearance in FATAL FURY special. this game was derived as a dream match game not to have any continuity with the main story. However, in FATAL FURY 3 Geese makes his truimphant return revealing to the fighting world that he is very much alive. The story of FF3 revolved around a pair of scrolls that are somewhere in southtown that will grant its user immortality. A the end of a intense battle the scrolls came into Geese’s possesion. After thoroughly studying the scrolls Geese immediately wanted to test the scrolls power and Annouced another King of fighters tournament (Real bout Fatal fury). once again , the final match featured Geese VS. Terry bogard on top of geese’s tower.
Just like the first battle between the two men, Geese was defeated and knocked off his tower. This time however, Terry grabbed geese’s hand and attempted save him. Geese instead chose death over being saved by his nemesis and yanked his arm loose from terry’s grip and fell to his death. Although this was the final canonical appearance of Geese in FF, a more powerful ghost version of Him called “NIGHTMARE GEESE” could be fought in later games if certain conditions were met.

Geese is well known in fighting game circles as being one of the hardest fighting game bosses ever and this was before Companies starting creating bosses with unavoidable screen filling instant death special moves. Geese also deserves credit for bringing counter maneuvers to the forefront of 2D fighters. He seriously made you think twice about throwing a wild attack out there. Geese was also a popular choice for the crossover games that SNK were involved in with rival fighting game creator Capcom. Geese howard definitely has earned his spot the halls of fighting game history for proving that you don’t need cheap unblockable death beams or mid-battle resurrections to make a challenging boss battle. All you need is a cleverly designed offense which force players to react exactly how geese wanted you to. Which would lead to a brutal defeat and a “continue?” screen with Geese mocking your performance.