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Monthly Archives: December 2009

At last my second anime review. Took me long enough right? this time i selected a anime out of my Top five favorite animes to review. i will openly admit that the first time i heard the concept for Samurai champloo i was very sceptical. Fusing hip hop culture and the various things it has influenced into a samurai period drama? Yeah i thought it was a insane idea.

The pacing of Samurai Champloo’s story is akin to its Spiritual brother Cowboy bebop. While there is a general plot, it is explored in small doses until a little over half way through the series. The story revolves around the adventures of Mugen,Jin and Fuu as the search japan for “the Samurai that smells of Sunflowers” thankfully abbreviated to “Sunflower Samurai” as the show goes on. Most of the episodes in Samurai champloo find our protagonists wandering into town broke and trying to earn money to continue their journey while somehow always managing to find some trouble. The entire series is full of many entertaining moments that will have you rewatching some episodes numerous times. Although serious in nature, the show also does a great job of utilizing Slapstick comedy during some episodes.A great example of this is episode 23 “baseball blues” where our Mugen,Jin,and Fuu find themselves Competing in a baseball game against a group American belligerents . The characters themselves deserve their spots in anime history. Each character in this show is full of personality. Even the minor one appearance characters will leave a lasting impression.
Another thing worth mentioning is the shows soundtrack. As stated earlier i was sceptical of the fusion of hip-hop and Samurai drama. However, those fears were put to rest after watching the first episode. the Background music fits in perfectly with what is happening onscreen. Soft R&B like rhythms accompany slower and emotional scenes while Fast drum and bass is used for more hectic scenes. I think this series should be in every anime fans collection. Samurai Champloo is truly a anime masterpiece.

Favorite episode: #11 Gamblers and gallantry (fallen angel)
Jin befriends a woman who is forced into prostitution to pay of her husbands gambling debts. I don’t want to spoil the rest.