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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Bushido blade was a 3D fighting game developed by Lightweight (kengo series) and published by Squaresoft ( now Square enix). it was released in america on September 30th 1997. Bushido blade was a armed combat game which utilized a realistic fighting engine which was innovative and unique at the time of its release. Absent from the game was Life bars and a time limit. In Bushido Blade most hits will cause instant death or would cripple a opponent. Crippling a opponent would cause various changes to the battle itself. For example, severly damaging your opponents legs will take away a great amount of their mobility and they will be forced to crawl or roll around on the ground.
Exploration was also encouraged during the game. rather than a small arena, Players were given a huge castle to venture through while fending of enemys.Characters in Bushido Blade also have the ability to run, jump, and climb within the 3D environments. The game possessed a small but great roster of characters. Each character had their own strengths and weaknesses. Bushido blade features eight weapons to choose from in many of its modes , including Katana, rapier,nodachi,long sword , sledgehammer, naginata ,saber, and the broadsword. Each weapon posseses its own set of realistic statistics which greatly effect how proficient a character will be with the weapon. Example, Kannuki is the most powerful character and can easily wield any weapon, but will not be able to do the more speedy and acrobatic moves that weaker and speedier characters can do. Lastly and by far one of the most interesting features is the game uses the ancient code of Bushido. The code of Bushido was a set of rules in the game. If any of this rules were broken during the story mode the game would come to a abrupt end and force you to start over.

Story: within a hidden dojo known as the Meikyokan lies a secret society of Assasins known as “Kage” .Once led by the honorable swordsman Utsusemi, he lost his position to Hanzaki, another skilled member of the dojo, in a fierce battle. Hanzaki gained respect as the Kage leader, until he discovered a cursed sword known as Yugiri. He began to change, disregarding the groups honor and the traditions held by its students.One day, a Kage escapes the confines of the dojo with its secrets. as the Rogue Kage , you escape to Yin Yang castle where you must due battle with your pursuers and somehow successfully escape the castle.

Personal thoughts: Bushido was definitely a one of a kind game. I remember the first time i played through story mode and attacked my first opponent while they were talking to me. suddenly a message pops up scolding me for my actions which was then followed by the main menu. “WTF!” was my first reaction, but over time i learned to appreciate such a interesting method of forcing the player to obey the rules and fight honorably (only if spammers in fighting games today could be punished in a similiar manner) . Another interesting twist to the game that i love was the battle against Schuvaltz Katze a hitman hired by the main boss. This battle required some clever tactics as Katze uses a gun rather than a melee weapon. I know the last thing you would expect in a Game Called Bushido Blade is to be shot. Most people who face katze the first time were caught off gaurd by this and rushed him as soon as they saw the gun, only to be shot dead without getting anywhere near him. Overall, I think this game is worth hunting down and playing. It was a truly unique experiance that has yet to be replicated by any other fighting game.


I have decided to start doing blogs about retro, classic and priceless gems. I figured some people need to know about great games that they may have passed up. So you should be looking forward to it