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as a avid Gamer i have to admit that i was oddly curious about this movie. In my mind i already knew what to expect. For starters, “Gamer” is set in the not so distant future (where have i heard that before). In this future, death row inmates are given a chance to compete in a team based war game called “slayers”. survive 30 sessions and you get your freedom again. whats the catch? Some random person is controlling your every move. Enter Kable (how it is spelled in he movie). Kable is the only competitor that has ever come close to attaining 30 sessions. with 27 sessions under his belt, it looks like he will be a free man soon. But of course its a action movie. Its never that easy. long story short GAMER is a fun mindless movie with no shortage of action. Fans of movies like “The running man” will feel right at home with this movie. Michael C. Hall(Dexter) deserves a honorable mention for his role as the Blatantly obvious evil billionaire inventor of slayers Ken castle. I love this character. If you are looking for a few good unintenional laughs and Constant on screen rampage GAMER is for you.


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  1. Running Man 2: The fail?

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