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Monthly Archives: August 2009

poster_inglorious-1 I will admit to not being a big tarantino fan. His films have always been “hit or miss” with me. INGLORIOUS BASTERDS is not the WW2 war movie that was promised. Instead the movie plays out more akin to a espionage film. As expected Tarantino fills BASTERDS with a hefty amount of pointless dialogue that goes nowhere really fast and does nothing but succeed in boring viewers. fortunately the violence in the movie makes up for the boring dialogue. nothing beats seeing Eli Roth beating a nazi to death with a baseball bat. However, overall BASTERDS is another test in patience for film goers. if you can manage to sit through the 25 minutes of dialogue to see 8 minutes of action then you will enjoy the movie. I would recommend waiting for the dvd release and borrowing it from a friend.