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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Remember when hitting a ball in a Baseball game only required you to time a button press? Remember when hitting a hockey puck only required you to hold then release a button?   The great days before this “Total control” crap. In my opinion its made playing some games more of a chore. for example take EA sports ‘ “Fight night” franchise. All you needed to do when you wanted to unleash a flurry of punches to a cornered opponent was hit X,O,X,square,Triangle . Now, you got to make some absurd half circle motion on the analog stick follow by many quick flicks of the analog stick to even attempt a decent combination.  This was just the beginning, as more and more sports game followed. Baseball,hockey,basket ball, even golf games now require   a lot  of elaborate rotations of the analog sticks to do even the most benign of things. Not even Pro wrestling games are safe from this evil. Some games however give you option to revert the controls to some sort of “classic” control scheme. However, this option is becoming less present as more sports games are released.i just hope this very stupid idea does not carry over into other videogame genres.