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Shingo Yabuki is a Lovable goofball fighter from “The King of Fighters” games.  Shingo made his first appearance in KOF 97 as a single Entry. Design purely as a Comedic Character Shingo’s entry went relatively unnoticed when KOf 97 first  hit arcades. This apparently was the intention of the design team.As time went on. Shingo started to standout among the KOF cast. 

Character History: Shingo Yabuki  is the number 1 fan of  KOF series icon Kyo Kusanagi. After learning that Kyo attends the same high school,Shingo preceeds to follow Kyo around begging him to teach him how to fight.Eventually Kyo gives in and teaches Shingo Martial arts(although rather poorly). Shingo enters KOF primarily to prove himself to his teacher and mentor Kyo. Recently Shingo was retrained by Kyo’s father and fans of Shingo are still waiting for a new and Improved Shingo.

Character gameplay overview:Despite the nature of Shingo’s personality and design, He is a great character to use. Shingo plays identical to the Series poster boy Kyo. However Shingo offense is intentionally handicapped by incomplete  and botched moves. One of his attacks has a high probability of Shingo landing face first on the ground even if the attack connects. Despite these gameplay setbacks. Shingo is a powerful character that deals good amounts of damage.that is when his attacks actually connect. If your new to KOF, I would advise against picking Shingo. If you have KOF experiance then i would definitley give Shingo a chance to win you over


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