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In the world of Video games,  The term “Badass” gets thrown around a lot. Almost  every Designer labels their protaginist as the next video game Badass, However, In my opinion It takes alot more than a  Stylish flowing jacket and insane gunplay to be considered a Video game Badass.Kazuma Kiryu is the Protaginst of SEGA’s Ryu ga Gotoku (Yakuza in the U.S) franchise.  The Yakuza games are story heavy action games where Gamers control Kazuma as he tears through a fictional city in tokyo fighting fellow mobsters,street thugs, Korean mercs, and all sorts of other enemies.despite being action oriented, The Yakuza games have gotten attention for its well written story and dialogue. The stories often  are mysteries that the player will weave in and out of inbetween the intense fighting.

Character History:Kazuma’s Epic journey begins when he takes the blame for the Murder of  the  godfather in the dojima group to protect his 2 childhood friends and goes to prison. Kazuma is released 10 years later and returns to his hometown only to find his former group in turmoil and one of his friends that he went to prison for missing.  Kazuma battles  his way through the city revealing a conspiracy involving $100 million dollars.  In Yakuza 2, A old rival of  the Yakuza family kazuma belonged to returns to Exact revenge on the Tojo clan for nearly wiping them out many years ago.With a new mission and more skulls to crack, Kazuma sets out into the streets to hopefully bring a end to this blood fued.

Character Overview: The yakuza games do a outstanding job of Making Kazuma a lethal fighting machine. Kazuma does not rely on Fancy gunplay or spectral powers to win his battles. He just uses good old Street fighting 101. i could explain it to you, but this video will do a far better job of showcasing Kazuma at his best .     Another thing that makes Kazuma stand out is how easily players can relate to the trials that Kazuma goes through in these games.  If there was anyone that deserves the title of  “Video game badass” is this man.


















Shingo Yabuki is a Lovable goofball fighter from “The King of Fighters” games.  Shingo made his first appearance in KOF 97 as a single Entry. Design purely as a Comedic Character Shingo’s entry went relatively unnoticed when KOf 97 first  hit arcades. This apparently was the intention of the design team.As time went on. Shingo started to standout among the KOF cast. 

Character History: Shingo Yabuki  is the number 1 fan of  KOF series icon Kyo Kusanagi. After learning that Kyo attends the same high school,Shingo preceeds to follow Kyo around begging him to teach him how to fight.Eventually Kyo gives in and teaches Shingo Martial arts(although rather poorly). Shingo enters KOF primarily to prove himself to his teacher and mentor Kyo. Recently Shingo was retrained by Kyo’s father and fans of Shingo are still waiting for a new and Improved Shingo.

Character gameplay overview:Despite the nature of Shingo’s personality and design, He is a great character to use. Shingo plays identical to the Series poster boy Kyo. However Shingo offense is intentionally handicapped by incomplete  and botched moves. One of his attacks has a high probability of Shingo landing face first on the ground even if the attack connects. Despite these gameplay setbacks. Shingo is a powerful character that deals good amounts of damage.that is when his attacks actually connect. If your new to KOF, I would advise against picking Shingo. If you have KOF experiance then i would definitley give Shingo a chance to win you over

As a die hard fighting game fan. You realize most of the tournaments are  one big death trap. so  i have listed 5 of the most dangerous tournaments.












the world fighting tournament  is definitely the safest combat tournament in Fighting game Lore.   all of the contenders are normal humans that use real martial arts styles. No competitors have died during the tournament and the most you will have to worry about is the gynoid super human you may have to fight at the end of the tournament.

4.The World Warrior Tournament ( Street fighter series)















Considering the cast of these tournaments are mainly varying degrees of fighters and killers, The Tournament itself is pretty tame. usually most of the fighters have some form of  vendetta to settle with another character.  More than likely if they settle their score before the finals the fighter may drop out the tournament. the only real dangerous element of this tournament is the varying host.  The second Tournament was held by a Dictator in  training with plans to rule or Conquer the world.  The 3rd tournament was held by a religious mad man.

3 King of the Iron Fist  (tekken)











The soap opera which is the “king of the iron fist” tournament.  Seriously if you looked at the character history for fighters in this game you would think you were watching a soap opera unfold. First off, the Tournament is always hosted by probably the most dysfunctional family in videogame history, The Mishima family.  It all starts with heihachi Mishima. In a effort to rid his son Kazuya of “weakness, Heihachi throws Kayuza into a ravine.Kazuya survivied by making a deal with the devil and returned to get revenge only to be thrown into a volcano. years later, Heihachi attempts to kill Kazuya’s son Jin  and  Kazuya himself who was brought back to life by scientist. Now Jin has control of the tournament and literally has caused World war 3 just for his amusement.

aside from the Mishimas, you would have to contend with Cyborgs, Ninjas, Mechs, Devils,and Angels . not to mention the 6th tournament is taking place during World War 3.  you are definitely better off sitting this tournament out.

2.EHRGEIZ Tournament (Ehrgeiz)












The ehrgeiz tournament is a fighting tournament that takes the saying NO-HOLDS-BARRED to a extreme. Everything and anything is legal in this tournament including All forms of martial arts,melee weapons(swords,axes,spears,) Magic spells,projectile weapons(Guns,Bazookas, grenade launchers,) Explosives.If you can carry it to the ring you can use it. I am sure their is a high mortality rate in this tournament. However, what is the prize in risking your life in this Tournament? a Ancient sword is your trophy and prize. Definitely not worth the trouble if you ask me.







1. The King of fighters( art of fighting,fatal fury, The king of fighters)








And Finally THE KING OF FIGHTERS.  Originally starting out as a small time Tournament held in the Fictional city of Southtown. The First K.O.F Tournament took place in Art of fighting 2(  although game wise it appeared in fatal fury first). The tournament has primarily been hosted by The most powerful crime boss in Southtown Geese Howard.  Later the Tournament would be handed off to Geese’s half  brother Wolfgang Krauser and then to Geese’s brother-in-law  Kian R. Heinlein.  Soon The Tournament would Become its own game series(The king of Fighters). This time around the Tournament would Adapt a team battle format. Which means you would have to go through All sorts of trouble to find suitable partners. The Tournments host would become increasingly more dangerous and powerful as Time goes on. The most powerful Opposition you will face in  a K.O.F is the Supreme deity Orochi. I definitely would not sign up for a tournament  that would  have you fight against a God at the end of it.