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Monthly Archives: April 2009


For my first anime review  I have chosen a loved but little known series call “Kino’s journey”.  Just as the title suggest, the show revolves Kino a traveller that wonders a unique and sometime eccentric world. Rather than having a overall story for the entire series, each episode of Kino’s journey is a self-contained story usually having Kino interacting with locals and discovering more about the country she(yes, Kino is a girl) is in. The beauty of this series is that none of the countries are the same. Each country has its own culture and beliefs. In episode 1 Kino ventures into a country where  inner thoughts of its inhabitants are visible to everyone, which forces the people to live apart from each other. There are many strange  and interesting countries that capture the viewers full attention throughout the series. There are also times in the story which shows the dangers travelling can be . There are several times in the show when Kino will unknowingly wander into dangerous situations. In a 2 part episode in the middle of the series, Kino is forced to compete in a gladiatorial style tournament in which the winner may create  a new law for the country she is in. although these dangerous situations are usually brief, it still is enough to put you on the edge of your seat.


overall, Kino’s journey is a great series for those who are just stepping into the world of anime. the story is not deeply rooted in hardcore anime   culture or japanese cultrue so any person can pick it up and enjoy it.I would highly recommend picking up this series.



my first movie review. I figured i would go with a movie in theaters now.  first off, why the hell did they call it “fast & furious” like its a new movie and not a interquel.  Anyway, If you have seen the first two movies you know what to expect. The movie opens with scene reminiscent of the very first movie with  torreto(vin diesel)  and crew  hijacking oil trucks in the dominican republic. Torreto eventually dispands his crew and flees to panama.  Eventually Torreto recieves a phone call from his sister Mia(jordana brewster) informing him of Letty’s(michelle rodriguez)  murder. Its through the investigation into Letty’s death that the main cast is reunited and the quest to bring the man behind the murder to justice.

 The Fast and The furious movies  mainly appeal to 3 groups of people, Gear heads , wannabe street racers , and finally action movie lovers. If you do not fit into any of these categories,DO NOT watch this movie.  Now if you  have seen the rest of the movies then you might as well go see this movie. Although one complaint i do have is the fact  that for a series that was supposed to deal with street racing, the FF series drifts(no pun intended) away from this idea as the second and forth movies only featured one race in each and focused mainly on the crime element of the movie.  The acting ranges from bad to mediocre.  which by action movie standards is not so bad. There are points in the movie where my mind started drifting from lack of interest in what was going on in the movie. more than  likely  because most of the filler scenes in between crucial scenes have been exactly the same in every movie in the series.Although i will say that the scenes featuring Jordana brewster will quickly get your attention back. Honestly, save your money for CRANK 2 .

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